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Being associated with the textile industry for almost 100 years, Bhilosa incepted and breathed its first air of passion in 1989. The idea was to effect an exponential change in the Indian Polyester Industry. With a will to accompany world class quality in products and structural transparency in operations, we set ourselves to put best foot forward, in this long and exciting journey.

Along the way, responsibility and honesty, were two key characteristics that accompanied us on this path — the path of putting the ‘Nation First’ above all. We carried this torch further and expanded our horizons, doubling our production capacity. Thanks to our Employees, Vendors, Customers, Bankers & Institutions and their unparalleled efforts, Bhilosa today is synonymous with leading companies for the best and quantitative Polyester Yarn manufacturing in India.

While efforts of our people have played a crucial role, our infrastructure too has played its part in our success. Factories at Rakholi and Naroli in Silvassa have been taking care of our production, making Bhilosa a name to reckon with. A conducive environment for growth, nurturing talent and great life is what we constantly think about our people. It is this thinking that led us to accepting quality practices and technology as a way of life.

Make in India is an initiative launched by the Government of India to encourage multi-national, as well as national companies to manufacture their products in India. Launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the year 2014, the initiative encourages companies to manufacture in the country itself, creating more employment opportunities and work for regional people.

The initiative has been a great success and we at Bhilosa, are proud to be a part of it.

At Bhilosa, the idea of creating more employment opportunities for people and helping them build a successful life has always been crucial in the thought process. Under the ‘Make in India’ initiative, Bhilosa has not only facilitated more employment for the people but has also developed the infrastructure (in the form of new plants) required to accommodate such employment. As a result, the facilities and working conditions for Bhilosa people have always been good. The work at Bhilosa, therefore doesn’t seem like work, but an array of happy moments enjoyed by people everyday.

About Us Ethos

‘ The yardstick of responsible craftsmanship’ 

The roots of India bespeak a rich tradition of textiles born out of its natural wealth in fabrics. Having established its footprints on the world, by its legacy of fine fabrics, India upholds this pride across the Globe. Even as the natural fibres culminate into man-made fibres, the hallmark of fine craftsmanship continues to captivate the world even today.

Bhilosa is a product of such glorious legacy. Here, rich polyester threads continue to be created into rich fabrics that bear a mark of excellence and respect for the nation. The quest for making better threads has somehow helped us bind meaningful and stronger relationships across the globe. This has facilitated us in presenting the success story of India to the world.

The industry refers us as, ‘The yardstick of responsible craftsmanship’ is what we all are passionate about, and holds our heads high with pride and happiness as we come to work each day.

About Us Vision-Mission


To become one of the leading players in Polyester yarns globally with in-house turnkey solutions facilitating forward & backward integration, right from producing raw materials to finished products with all possible technical support to our customers & hence ensuring that Bhilosa remains first choice to our customers.


To continuously engage in :

  • Innovative and value added products.
  • Optimisation of all type of resources.
  • Use of Latest and Modern technology.

Mr. Ramesh Jain, Executive Chairman, solidifies his value to the Company as a torchbearer of progressive thinking.

His inspirational leadership and humanitarian personality has been guiding light for so many people. He is synonymous with exponential growth of the Company keeping the legacy of India inspiring and imbibed into the heart of his people.

Mr. Rameshchandra Jain is on Board of the Company since inception and spearheaded the creation of one of largest manufacturer of yarns in India.

With great enthusiasm, Mr. Rameshchandra Jain expresses a profound yet simplified statement, True success is defined not only by quantum of customers but quantum of retained happy customers.’

This understanding is translated into the products and eventually ever growing list of ‘happy customers’ both domestic and overseas. Consequently, it has strengthened the company’s urge to do better, grow efficient not just for us but also for the nation.

Mr. Kumarpal Jain, Managing Director an Indian business leader oozes enthusiasm coupled with an elite sense of business understanding. He is a formulator of lasting business relationships that help take giant strides in expanding horizons of the Company. His constant endeavour to push the envelope of expansion has an immense role to play in the success of the Company. Mr. Kumar Jain believes in creating products that help industries and people in a way that country can prosper.

The effect can be seen in Company offerings, retaining and also increasing base of “happy customers”, imports and exports and helpful approach that Bhilosa advocates time and again.

Mr. Kumarpal has successfully led the development of robust structure and system for handling sales and raw materials, which are key to business of our Company.

Taking steps in that direction, he has built a sustaining spirit of taking company to new heights — an idea that helps India outshine on a Global map.

Mr. Sandeep Jain, Jt. Managing Director and Indian business leader has successfully carried the flame of success and legacy forward built by Mr. Rameshchandra Jain and Mr. Kumarpal Jain with the same spirited passion. He has played an important role in the business operations, expansion within textile industry with streamlining efficiency and strong desire to continue to achieve faster growth. Bhilosa under his efficient leadership continues to expand the current production capacity. 

Mr. Sandeep has led various project implementation with cost optimisation which has contributed to the growth and profitability of the Organisation. 

Mr. Sandeep played key role in introduction of robust eco-system for developing vendors, suppliers, and also leading the support functions. He is actively involved in various employee engagement initiatives to bring in a young and vibrant culture in Organisation. 

Board of Directors

Mr. Rameshchandra Jain
Executive Chairman

Mr. Kumarpal Jain
Managing Director

Mr. Sandeep Jain
Jt. Managing Director

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Committee

Mr. Rameshchandra Jain
Chairman – Committee

Mr. Kumarpal Jain
Member Committee

Bhilosa’s journey closer to three decades has been a story of pioneering innovation, manufacturing excellence and strategic evolution as we expanded our footprint across the world. Our diversified product portfolio using forward and backward integration has ensured that we achieve significant growth in most challenging times and also in times of prosperity.

I am happy to give you an ever growing list of happy customers (not just customers), because I believe they have the power to build a robust organisation while staying with us for years together.

The company has seen an unprecedented growth every year both on business front as well as in achieving operational excellence and fluency.Continuous efforts have been put into introducing new products and machinery to expand our product spectrum with the same efficiency and passion as it was when the company incepted. We are in process of expansion which will lead to doubling of our manufacturing capacity.

A major part of this success must be assigned to our Employees, Vendors, Customers, Bankers & Institutes that have helped us build this dream and also to our acceptance towards new technology and building perfect systems that eliminate human error. We hope to continue this endeavour of weaving colourful relationships year after year with legacy of People, Innovation, Technology and Passion.

Mr. Rameshchandra Jain

Executive Chairman
Bhilosa Industries Private Limited.


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification

About Us milestone


ISO 45001:2018 Certification

About Us milestone


Doubled the capacity of Warp knitted Greige Fabric

About Us milestone


We have set up a plant for PSF (Polyester Staple Fibre).

ISO 9001: 2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification

About Us milestone


Inauguration of a new plant at Naroli for Circular Knitted Fabric & Master batch.

About Us milestone


Increased capacity of Warp Knitted Greige Fabrics, Air Textured Yarn (ATY) and Draw Texturised Yarn (DTY)

About Us milestone


Oeko- Tex, standard 100 certification

About Us milestone


Inauguration of a new plant at Naroli for Warp Knitted Greige Fabrics

About Us milestone


ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification

About Us milestone


Setting up a new plant at Naroli to double the manufacturing capacity of Draw Texturised Yarn (DTY), Partially Oriented Yarn (POY), Fully Drawn yarn (FDY) and CP.

About Us milestone


Setting up a new manufacturing plant for Air Textured Yarn (ATY) at Rakholi.

About Us milestone

2008 – 09

Setting up a new plant for Continuous Polymerization (CP) at Rakholi

About Us milestone

2004 – 05

Backward integration Project for production of Partially Oriented Yarn (POY), the key raw material for manufacturing Draw Texturised Yarn (DTY), at its existing unit at Village Rakholi, Silvassa.

About Us milestone


Setting up a shop as Bhilosa Tex-N-Twist Pvt. Ltd. for the manufacture of Draw Texturised Yarn.